How to create additional users in Nagios

How to Create Additional Users in Nagios:

Environment :

  • Red Hat  Enterprise Linux

Steps to Create the Additional user accounts apart from default nagios account “nagiosadmin” .

  1. Login to the nagios server .
  2. # htpasswd /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users <user_name>

whereas: mon_users -> is the user name I have used to create .

After Creating the nagios account “mon_users”, I try to login the nagios url  with the newly created account and I got the below error messages:

Error Message:


To fix this Error message, add the newly created user in the cgi.cfg config file under your nagios configuration path like “/usr/local/nagios/etc/”. 

Look for the “nagiosadmin” username in the file cgi.cfg and include the newly created user where ever it is necessary:

authorized_for_system_information=nagiosadmin,<newly created user>

And finally restart the nagios service to get effect.

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